About Us

Do you know how to spot a trust-worthy and expert Commercial Real Estate Broker?

Do you know how to spot a trust-worthy and expert Commercial Real Estate Broker who has the training, experience and connections to get the job done at the best price and terms on the market today?

You just found one.

Do you hate it when brokers talk in what seems like a secret language about the price and terms of a property? If you do, then rest assured that an important part of our process starts with us spending time up front talking about what to expect in the typical commercial real estate transaction. We’ll give you a cheat sheet to help de-mystify our secret real estate language and spend time listening to what your short term and long term goals are and what you are looking to accomplish with this transaction. A little time invested up front end makes for a smoother, calmer transaction down the road.

  • We make sure you understand the process of buying/selling/leasing commercial property.
  • We efficiently implement our agreed upon plan.
  • We offer statistical data so you understand your deal as it relates to the rest of the market.
  • We actually read your contract and make sure negotiated deal points are transferred over from our Letter of Intent to the final contract. We will provide you with copies of the proposed contract with my comments for your review and the review of your real estate attorney.
  • Usually in commercial transactions, clients hire a real estate attorney to review their contract. This work is done after we’ve been through it first. The idea here is to keep the attorney looking at legal language, not re-negotiating a deal you are already happy with – unless it becomes necessary of course.
  • We work with both our clients and their legal counsel to make sure they understand what they are signing and how it affects their future.